Since the popularity of our film ‘Plastic-Free Periods?’ which went viral (two million and counting on Facebook!) we’ve had a lot of interest in reusable menstrual products. So here we bring you, MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS – THE CHOICE. As well as some handy discounts codes to get you started on your reusable journey.

First, the discount codes and where to Buy:

Let’s not get ‘flushed’, lets talk menstrual products! 

They can be classified in 4 different ways:

internal, external, disposable and reusable.

For both internal and external products there are disposable and reusable options.


As well as disposable pads, there is also the option of organic and reusable pads, which are used in exactly the same way.

No pads, even organic or ‘biodegradable’ should go down the toilet.

Only the #3Ps – pee, paper & poo down the loo!  

🚽= 💩

Reusable pads

  • attach to underwear with poppers.
  • are available in different thicknesses from panty liners to ultra-thick pads for different flows.  

Period Pants

  • have a ultra-thin micro-layer lining which absorbs fluid.
  • can be used in conjunction with tampons and menstrual cups as on their own they will hold up to 2 regular tampons worth of blood.
  • We’re finding these to be great on the first or last day, or the day we’re not sure if our period will arrive or not!

Washing reusables

  • simply put in the washing machine with other clothes (option to soak in cold water first, or the shower).
  • if you are out and about, you store in a bag (many websites sell wet bags for this purpose).


Disposable options: Tampons come in synthetic and organic disposable materials, in a range of thicknesses for different flows and with a choice of applicator options;

  • Cardboard applicators
  • Plastic applicators
  • Non-applicators

Remember, the tampon, applicator or wrappers shouldn’t go down the toilet!

Reusable option:  Menstrual Cups which sit lower than a tampon inside the cervix.

Menstrual Cups

  • Are made from medical grade silicone, latex or TPE (a type of plastic which we would not advocate).
  • Can be used throughout a period as they can accommodate a range of flows.
  • Often they only need to be emptied twice a day, so can easily be done at home rather then having to worry they may need chaining out and about.
  • Can be boiled or microwaved in water to sterilise between periods.
  • Are available in at least two sizes for women pre-30 or pregnancy and post 30 and pregnancy.
  • Can last for ten years.

For some they can take a bit of getting used to, but for many they are convenient, as you only need to remember one product, they save a lot of money in the long run and avoid lots of single-use items being produced.

Did you know modern menstrual cups were invented in the 1937 by actress Leona Chalmers, find out more about the history of menstrual cups.

And REMember!

No pads, even organic or ‘biodegradable’ should go down the toilet.

Only the #3Ps – pee, paper & poo down the loo!  

🚽= 💩

Together, lets make tampons and pads on river bank and beaches a thing of the past.