We, City to Sea CIC understand that the operations and processes of our organisation: online and offline campaigns, events and volunteering days can impact - both positive and negative environmental, social and economic factors.  

Our mission is to reduce the amount of plastic pollution flowing from Bristol into the Severn Estuary, by creating and delivering innovative campaigns that change and challenge the way we use and dispose of single-use plastics, whilst forming replicable models that can be shared with other coastal and river based cities.

Our campaigns target individuals, retailers, manufacturers and policy makers; with the ultimate objective of connecting our actions in an urban setting to the consequences in the marine environment.

In all our business activities, communications and public engagement events we are committed to showing leadership in the field of sustainability.

Our core values are:

  • To deliver projects that inspire change through our honest, accountable and transparent actions
  • To share and inspire PALL (Plastic a Lot Less) lifestyles
  • To operate as a financially sustainable non-profit organisation
  • To take direct action and challenge the status quo to deliver change
  • To address challenging environmental issues with visual, creative and playful campaigns
    To minimise the environmental impacts of all of our business activities both locally and internationally
  • To innovate using low-impact technologies

Based on our core values we have identified these key issues to focus on for 2016:

  • Inspire behaviour change
    Communicate our practical experiences of reducing single-use plastics to all stakeholders including sponsors, business partners, suppliers, staff, volunteers and followers.
  • Sustainable Development
    Develop the CIC with a sustainable financial model that allows for growth, security whilst being environmentally and ethically sound.
  • Creative and Technological Outreach
    Embracing creative, technological and visual mediums to develop innovative campaigns to reach a wider audience and upskill our teams.
  • Sustainable Procurement
    Communicate clearly our sustainable procurement policy with all stakeholders including sponsors, business partners, suppliers, staff, volunteers on our sustainable procurement values through contracts and briefings.
  • Waste
    Adhering to the European Waste Hierarchy we follow the principles of: reduce, reuse,recycle, recovery before disposal.
  • Marketing & literature
    To print only as required on FSC paper, double-sided where possible.
  • Travel & transport
    Meetings and events conducted in central locations. Cycling, low - carbon and public transport options prioritised for all travel within UK and Europe. If international travel is unavoidable and required then this will be offset.
  • Food & drink
    Food and drink options, menus and procurement choices are made based on this hierarchy: PALL (Plastic a Lot Less), local, seasonal, Fairtrade, sustainably grown and organic. Vegetarian menu as standard.
  • Monitoring & measuring
    In order to continually improve and deliver on our sustainable objectives we will monitor and measure our activities to understand our environmental, social and economic impact. Monitoring the impact of our travel carbon footprint.

We are committed to continual improvement through regular assessment and review of our business processes, event planning and implementation.

Furthermore, we are committed to adhering to appropriate legal requirements and other requirements which are applicable to our operations.

Our nominated sustainability champion is Livvy Drake, Director.  

This policy is available for all of our stakeholders on the City to Sea website

Signed by: Natalie Fee , Director & Founder
Date: 12/04/2016

Review date: 12/04/2017
Endorsed by: Michelle Cassar, Director