Get involved with tackling the city's plastic pollution problem!

We're inviting businesses to get involved with our programme of corporate volunteering undertaking clean-ups and designing solutions for plastic pollution.  If you don't have the time but would like to show your support we have a number of sponsorship opportunities (email for details). 

River Clean Ups

We've got stacks of plastic littering Bristol's waterways and gorge and new research shows that collecting plastic waste near coasts is the most effective clean-up method when it comes to ocean plastic pollution.

We offer full or half days for up to 20 volunteers to join us for a river clean here in Bristol, or a beach clean at Weston Supermare.

Our schedules tick all five of the NEF 'Five Ways to Wellbeing':

Give: Volunteering your time
Take Notice: Collecting data, being outdoors
Be Active: Walking, clambering, some carrying of bags full of litter (Low impact activities available so open to all abilities)beach clean bristol
Connect: Working together, meeting our team
Keep Learning: We'll host a 'lunch & learn' with the team on the impacts and issues. Then ask them to come up with practical solutions which they can do at work or home.
We hope people's attitudes towards waste will be changed as well as providing practical solutions for living a life with less plastic. 
Our  packages include:
  • River litter clearance and data recording for city-wide stats
  • Waste education:
    • Plastic facts: What are the types, why is it a problem
    • Waste and recycling: Where does our waste really go
    • Practical actions for individuals to adopt in the workplace and home
    • issue of plastic items flushed down the toilet
  • Devising solutions workshops:
    • Use the team’s skills to devise litter solutions for our city
  • Shared lunch (not included) 
  • Insurance and risk assessments
  • Equipment and litter disposal

The corporate volunteering days are chargeable, with the funds covering costs and any surplus being invested into City to Sea's projects.

Find out more

We'd love to have you join us and help make a difference, please contact Michelle with any questions