How can hotels make #PlasticFreeTravel easier for their guests?  

Hotels have a crucial part to play in #PlasticFreeTravel, helping guests continue their plastic-free journey while they’re away, or inspiring them to take their first break away from plastic.

Yet on many occasions hotels can be part of the plastic problem – offering toiletries in miniature plastic bottles, handing out plastic bottles of water in countries where the tap water is safe to drink or continuing to use plastic straws, cutlery or stirrers.

With our best practice partner, Premier Inn, we’re going to be encouraging the hotel industry to commit to our four areas of best practice this summer:

  1. Being on track to meet the EU Single Use Plastic Directive by 2021
  2. Signing up to the Refill app offering free tap water refills to guests & the public and not offering plastic bottled water in rooms
  3. Using refillable dispensers in bathrooms (or committing to do so by 2021)
  4. Inspiring guests/staff to prevent plastic pollution via comms & marketing activity

‘It’s one step at a time, but we have a clear goal and we urge other hotel businesses to follow suit – the more of us who are willing to make a change will only make the transition to a single use plastic free world more attainable.’ Rosana Elias, Head of Sustainability, Whitbread

Our case study on Premier Inn (the UK’s largest hotel chain) shows that hotels can do their bit to enable #PlasticFreeTravel –  with their millions of guests they are already making a huge difference.

Premier Inn is active in all four areas of best practice in the following ways:

  • Removed single-use plastic straws, stirrers & cutlery.
  • Signed up to the Refill app so guests can refill their reusable bottles with tap water.
  • No plastic bottled water in guest rooms.
  • Refillable dispensers in bathrooms not plastic mini toiletries.
  • Inspiring staff to adopt a refill mindset by given them reusable water bottles.

Get in touch with City to Sea’s Partnerships Manager, Rowen West-Henzell [email protected] to find out how your hotel can join the growing #PlasticFreeTravel movement.

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