Plastic Free July

In 2011 Rebecca Prince-Ruiz visited a recycling center in her home town of Perth Australia. She learnt there and then that we simply can not recycle out of our way of of plastic pollution, and for her there was only one answer. Reduction, significant reduction!

On the return to her office at the local council, Rebecca challenged her colleagues to ditch single use plastic for just one month, it just so happened to be July coming up and so #PlasticFreeJuly was launched.

Fast forward seven years and millions of people around the globe are taking part and are adopting new habits, some of which last and become life changers. Some have become successful bloggers and authors sharing their knowledge even further. (see the bottom of this post)

Plastic Free July 2017:

  • 2+ million participants  from 159 countries worldwide (and doubling every year)
  • 90% of participants made some change in their way of life
  • 8% reduction in household waste generated
  • 2,000 organisations and businesses participated

The Plastic Free July website is packed full of tips to help where ever you live.

Please register on their site so they can add you to the growing number of people getting involved. It’s always great to know there’s other people ditching single use plastic, and their facebook page is a great place to go if you’re needing some moral support!

In 2015 we were lucky enough for Rebecca to visit Bristol. Her and Michelle, our Creative Director had been in contact for years online, so Rebecca scheduled a trip to Bristol to meet Michelle as part of her Winston Churchill Fellowship so she could let others know initiatives happening around the globe.

Michelle showed Rebecca around, on bikes, they had a lovely day, it’s Bristol, of course they did! Sharing amazing things happening in the City, doing a river clean, helping out with a road traffic accident (not on the agenda!)

Rebecca loved #Refill (it was in 2016 before our Switch the Stick and #PlasticFreePeriod success) and she took the word of it back to Australia.

Check our Michelle’s blog post for a full gallery of pictures.

Want six simply Summer tips for Plastic Free July? Head here!

Please get aboard #PlasticFreeJuly, sign up and do let us know how you get on, we love hearing from you!


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