Where can I find reusable products? + Discount codes!

The best place to look for reusables is online or in your nearest zero-waste or wholefoods shops.

If you want to explore a variety of brands and products in one place check out these websites:

Luxury Moon
Earthwise Girls

For menstrual cups:

  • Mooncup
  • Lunette
  • Ruby Cup
  • Diva cup
  • Hey Girls
  • No More Taboo
  • Just little changes

For reusable pads:

  • Precious Star Pads
  • Hey Girls
  • No More Taboo
  • Lunapads – 1 of only 1000 certified B Corporations worldwide (ethical, social based & woman-owned)
  • Just Little Changes

For period pants:

  • WUKA
  • Lunapads
  • FLUX Undies

For more environmentally friendly disposables:

  • Natracare
  • Grace & Green
  • Hey Girls

Discount codes:

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