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Congratulations on completing your training! Below you will find all the resources you need to deliver the content in your educational setting or community group with confidence. 

Don’t forget, by clicking on the links below you can also access the teachers guide, FAQs, an example letter for parents and the suggested ice breaker activities. 

Please contact us or your regional trainer should you have any concerns or require a little help.


Understand menstruation, menstrual cycles and menstrual product choices better with this engaging and informative lesson, in which students learn about themselves through the stories of others.

PERIODS and the environment

Exactly what impact do our menstrual products have on the world? Dive into this explanatory lesson to determine the pros and cons of disposables and reusables.

Period Poverty

Period poverty is not an external issue, it is right here in the UK. Empower your class to better understand this crisis, and work together to find and deliver solutions.

Myths, Taboos and Celebrations

Myths and taboos surrounding menstruation have been present in our culture since time began. It’s time to unravel the truth!

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