We are now offering Rethink Periods training online, whilst we are unable to offer face to face training during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will post your resources to an address of your choice and endeavour to deliver the same calibre of training and support as always.

We’re sorry, we’ve now finished our scheduled training, please pop back to find out when we’ll be training teachers again. 


A lot of people spend a lot of time menstruating. But few of us spend much time actually talking about it. Isn’t it time this changed?

Unicef estimates that people with periods spend an average of 3,000 days menstruating in their lifetimes, and yet in many cultures it remains a taboo subject. We think it’s time to talk about periods out in the open.

Rethink Periods is a free, nationwide schools programme updating period education in primary and secondary schools. It offers unbiased and informative information on all products available and the social and environmental contexts of menstruation. 

Our Training

From September 2019, 600 lucky schools will receive everything they need to educate and empower their students when it comes to their period education. They will each receive: 

Period education teacher training, led by one of our regional experts.

A plastic-free product demonstration box for your school, worth £110.


Well-structured, adaptable lessons plans, Dynamic teaching resources and friendly support for Key Stages 2 and 3.

Periods, people and products

(KS2 and KS3)
Understand yourself, menstrual cycles and menstrual product choices better with this engaging and informative lesson.

Our periods and the Environment

(KS2 and KS3) Exactly what impact do our menstrual products have on the world? Dive into this exploratory lesson to determine the pros and cons of disposables and reusables.

Myths, Taboos and Celebrations

(KS3) Myths and taboos surrounding menstruation have been present in our culture since time began. It’s time to unravel the truth!


Period Poverty

(KS3) Period poverty is not an external issue, it is right here in the UK. Empower your class to better understand this crisis, and work together to find and deliver solutions.


Preparing you for period talk

With these resources, teachers will be able to equip young people with the tools to understand menstruation and feel prepared and positive about changes in their lives.

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Whether you are a student, teacher or parent, we all need to Rethink Periods. Find out more about bringing this to your school or child’s school below.


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