City to Sea understands that the operations and processes of our organisation can create both positive and negative environmental, social and economic factors.  As such, we’ve put together a Sustainability Policy that outlines our commitment as an organisation to limit the negative impacts we create. 

This document outlines how we will meet our Annual Company Objective to be legally & ethically compliantWcommit to the following actions: 

Sustainable Procurement 

Communicate clearly our sustainable procurement policy with all stakeholders including sponsors, business partners, suppliers, staff, volunteers on our sustainable procurement values through contracts and briefings. See Sustainable Procurement Guide. 


Adhering to the European Waste Hierarchy we follow the principles of: reduce, reuse, recycle, recovery before disposal. In the office, we audit the materials in our general waste and recycling streams and take measures to tackle these including a lunch Tupperware scheme and Terracycle collections for the whole building.  

 Stationary, marketing & literature  

To print only as required on FSC or recycled paper, double-sided where possible. Banners, tshirts and stationary is sourced based on our Sustainable Procurement Policy.  

 Travel & transport  

Meetings and events conducted in central locations. Cycling, low – carbon and public transport options prioritised for all travel within UK and Europe. If international travel is unavoidable and required, then this will be offset.  

 Monitoring & measuring 

In order to continually improve and deliver on our sustainable objectives, we will monitor and measure our activities to understand our environmental, social and economic impact. Monitoring the impact of our travel and business carbon footprint. 

 Company carbon accounting 

We acknowledge that carbon offsetting/accounting is not a solution to climate change and should not be used in place of carbon reduction. However, as a responsible business, we wish to account for our day-today business and travel carbon impacts and donate the money to vetted and accountable schemes. 

 Food & drink 

Food and drink options, menus and procurement choices are made based on this hierarchy: single-use plastic free), local, seasonal, Fairtrade, sustainably grown and organic. Vegetarian menu as standard. 

We are committed to continual improvement through regular assessment and review of our business processes, event planning and implementation. Furthermore, we are committed to adhering to appropriate legal requirements and other requirements, which are applicable to our operations.  

Our nominated sustainability champion is Livvy Drakeour in-house Behaviour Change and Sustainability Consultant   



Ethics & Sustainable Sourcing  

In delivering this Policy, City to Sea is committed to avoiding detrimental environmental, social and cultural impacts. We will follow our ethics as detailed in our Sustainability Policy. 

When choosing items for the project we will follow our sustainable procurement policies values:  


Consider the European Waste Hierarchy Principles:  

  • Minimisation: Can an item be borrowed or hired 
  • Re-use: Is it built to last or is there a reusable option? 
  • Recycle: Can it be made in a material that is recyclable 
  • Recovery: Can any energy or resources be recovered 
  • Disposal: What is the impact and cost of disposal  


Choose products that have certifications: 

  • Fairtrade 
  • Organic 
  • Cruelty free 
  • Ecologo  


Avoid excessive packaging by buying loose items or bulk buying 

Reduce travel miles and support the local economy by choosing local, independent and ethical suppliers where possible 


Source sustainable services for all aspects of business by asking the contractor for their: 

  • Company environmental policy 
  • Their supply chain awareness and assessment  
  • Ensure fairness in contracts and pay across operations: 
  • Living wage as a minimum 


Signed: Rebecca BurgessCEO 

Date: 15/04/2019         

Review date: 15/04/2020 

Endorsed by:  Natalie Fee, Founder 

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