The NHS are using 8 million plastic bags a year!

Did you know that more than 8,320,000 single use plastic bags are about to be used every year by your NHS? Sign the petition and help stop this going through!

This is how NHS England see the future – single use plastic bags. And it looks like we have no choice in the matter. Our paper notes will be transferred between GP practices using over 160,000 single use plastic bags every week.

We have shown that we do not want to use single use plastic bags by reducing our usage by 80% since October 2015. But the NHS are heading in the opposite direction by wasting valuable resources manufacturing and recycling these bags unnecessarily.

Unbelievably, the scheme being replaced was a reusable, green bag! D’oh.

Gill Fruin works for the NHS and has started a campaign on 38 Degrees and suggests you email your local MP. We only need 100 signatures to get the ball rolling – and maybe we can stop it before it’s too late!

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