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Oceans and waterways around the world urgently need our help and we’re hugely grateful to our supporters for donating to City to Sea. With your support, we can reach more people than ever before and continue to create and share practical solutions to the plastic pollution problem.     


We totally get that it’s not always possible to set up a monthly-payment plan and we’re grateful for whatever you can spare. Rest assured it’ll be going directly to our campaigns, powering change from the ground up. 


We’d love to have your on-going support, enabling us to plan for the future and super-charge our campaigns. Join our community and know that you’ll be making a lasting difference to our cities, oceans and rivers. 

We keep our administration costs lean, so your donations will always go directly to our campaigns, powering on-the-ground community action, lobbying governments and creating powerful, playful content designed to inspire change.   

Together, we have the power to change the future and create an even more wonderful world.

Our donors are turtle-y awesome!

Denise Law-smith

£334.69 May 13, 2022

From all of the students here at Bradley Stoke Community School

Elisabeth Dewey

£90.94 April 26, 2022

Donation Mondays AG

Anne Scott

£100.00 April 19, 2022

It is very difficult to find your DONATE button. Suggest you put it on your home page. I nearly gave up.

Joanna Gilchrist-Ford

£88.00 March 25, 2022

Our Y1s have been learning about plastic pollution in the ocean. Parent's donated by making a voluntary payment for tote bags that the… Read more

Our Y1s have been learning about plastic pollution in the ocean. Parent's donated by making a voluntary payment for tote bags that the children had decorated with pictures of sea creatures. If you could send a letter or email to us to say you had received our donation the children would LOVE it. Thank you

Pia Pelkonen

£933.81 March 7, 2022

Happy to support your organisation through my 1% for the planet membership.

Simon Prole

£40.00 March 6, 2022

hi this is Chloe I love animals and want to help save them


Our new ocean-protecting donation vouchers are the perfect gift for the sea-lover or eco-activist in your life. Give a gift to the planet and your loved one.

By choosing to give one of our donation vouchers you are helping us run our campaigns, power on-the-ground community action and inspire change and help keep our oceans free from plastic pollution for future generations.


Strapped for cash but still want to give? How about doing a fundraiser? We’ve been blown away by some of the epic individuals, schools and community groups that have done some pretty wild, wacky and wonderful things to help fund our work and protect our oceans. 

Make sure you let us know what you’re planning & we’ll help make a SPLASH online to share your story. 


If you’re a business, brand, retailer, or organisation and you’d like to help fund our work, we’d LOVE to hear from you 

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