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Here at City to Sea, we build our campaigns based on data-driven insights and the latest information on plastic pollution, the climate crisis and innovative solutions.

We’ve worked with some amazing people and like-minded organisations to carry out our own research, providing our supporters and the businesses we work with, with in-depth market research, consumer insights and practical solutions for reducing plastic pollution.

Plastic-Free Living

Whether you’re a zero-waste hero, or you’re just starting your journey towards plastic freedom, we’ve got you covered. 

Refill Resources

Your guide to all things Refill. Discover out Refill resources for everything you’ll need to help you on your way to setting up a Refill scheme or becoming one of our wonderful Refill Champions.

Our research

One of a kind Plastics Voyage

This summer City to Sea embarked on what was possibly our biggest adventure yet – a 13-week voyage circumnavigating the UK on the beautiful tall ship, the Pelican of London to get a better understand of the scale of plastic pollution in UK waters. 

This unique project enabled us to reach some of the UK’s most remote islands and busiest ports to better understand the sources, distributions and abundances of plastic pollution (and other types of marine litter) in UK waters.

Food to go, good to go?

Our lunch habits are having a WHOPPER of an impact when it comes to plastic pollution and the food-to-go sector, which includes cafes, coffee chains and fast-food outlets are a big part of the problem.

That’s why we, alongside research consultants Eunomia, have launched a new report to peel back the shiny wrapper on the sector to understand what businesses are currently doing to reduce single-use plastic packaging – and what they could do better.


Plastic-Free Eid

PLASTIC-FREE EID5 Top tips for a plastic-free EidWith Eid al-Fitr just around the corner, lots of us are considering ways to celebrate that don’t cost the earth. Many mosques are leading the way in showing how to have a plastic-free iftar and you can read more on this...

Have you read these planet-protecting books?

Have you read these planet-protecting books? Earth-kind inspiration for your bookshelf For some earth-kind inspiration for your bookshelf, check out our top ten environmental reads These are our team picks – a good mix of some classics, some lesser-knowns and some...

Trick or treaty

Trick or Treat-y?A landmark treaty at the UNThe landmark resolution at the UN this month has been described as the 'Biggest green deal since Paris'. That’s a pretty big accolade. But what’s actually been agreed? And how quickly will this tackle the plastic pollution...
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