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If you’re looking to reduce single-use plastic and join the #RefillRevolution then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a collection of our favourite plastic-free products to help you find the basics and inspire your friends and family to do the same.

For even more plastic-free shopping essentials check out our amazing 1% for the Planet partner the Plastic-Free Shop and browse their full range.

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The go-to reusable bottle! It not only allows you to keep your water ice cool for up to 24 hours but hot for 12. Even better – for every Refill x Chilly’s Bottle purchased, Chilly’s will give £10 to City to Sea to power our planet protecting campaigns. Big wins all round!


Circular&Co. are pioneers of Circular Design. They firmly believe that the world needs change, and people, communities and companies must create it. For every one purchased, they’ll donate £5 to fund the Refill Campaign.  


Our Food Pots make for more sustainable, money-saving and tastier meals on the go. 500ml will keep your food hot or cold for up to 6 hours, perfect for soups, salads, fruit or hot porridge on a chilly morning commute.

Refill X Chilly's COFFEE CUP

The Refill X Chilly’s coffee cup is coming soon.

A compact double-walled coffee cup, perfect for keeping your drinks hot and your plastic consumption down.


Out and about gift box

The go-to for a plastic-free virgin, this plastic-free starter kit has everything you need to get started on your journey toward zero-waste heaven. 


Treat your loved ones to well-deserved relaxation with a selection of plastic-free pamper products.

*Code valid until midnight 24th December 2020. Valid on Christmas gift subscriptions and standard subscriptions.


We’re a clever bunch here at City to Sea! If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for how to reduce single-use plastic or save the world (and who isn’t?).


Our Founder, Natalie Fée’s best-seller of a book – How to Save the World for Free is jam-packed with tips and advice to help you save the world for free.


Written by the fabulous Michelle Cassar, Seb and Polly Planet on their Ocean Quest is an incredible children’s book which introduces young ones to environmental issues by taking them on a magical adventure with superhero Polly Planet.

Manifesto: How a maverick entrepreneur took on British energy and won.

Part memoir, part mission statement, this is the story of a man whose unwavering mission to save the environment has driven him all the way to the top, and a powerful manifesto for anyone who wants to change the world.

Plastic-free bathroom

City to Sea x Cheeky Wipes Single Mini Wetbag

Single Pocket Mini Wetbag, for storing and transporting your wipes and pads. Available in two designs*.

City to Sea x Cheeky Wipes Luxury Cotton Sherpa Make Up Removal Pads

Pack of 10 printed cotton makeup removing pads 11cm.*

City to Sea x Cheeky Wipes Cotton Flannel Wipes

Pack of 25 – Bigger than our standard wipes, and made from finer, more delicate cotton fabric, best suited to hands & faces or as adult intimate wipes*.


Get the original sustainable toothbrush made from bamboo which, unlike typical plastic toothbrushes, can be composted or recycled.

*For every purchase from the City to Sea range, Cheeky Wipes donates a minimum of £1 to fund our work.


If you haven’t already made the switch, try this plastic & palm oil free bar which cleans your hair just as well as liquid shampoo.


No need for single-use plastic conditioner bottles. If you can’t refill a reusable bottle in a zero waste shop try this conditioner bar.


Handmade hand and body soap which will not only leave your skin soft and clean all day, but will help to keep your bathroom plastic free too!


This suncream is made with only 4 natural ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and zinc oxide, and is supplied in a 100% plastic-free tin.


Reusable Wipes

Whether you’re looking for reusable cloth wipes, or maybe reusable make-up removal pads, you know you’ll be helping the environment by swapping to Cheeky Wipes’ products.*

Reusable Nappies

Reusable nappy brand Baba + Boo offers parents a simple, sustainable alternative to single-use nappies by showing just how easy, cost-effective and kinder to the planet reusables can be.**

*Every purchase from the City to Sea range, Cheeky Wipes donates a minimum of £1 to fund our work.

**Check out their ‘Waves’ nappy which donates 10% of profits back to City to Sea.

Spread love not germs

Rash'r 3-layer reusable mask

Rash’R masks are made from recycled Polyester. A hyper-resistant yet soft and breathable fabric developed from Reclaimed Ocean Waste. Designed for maximum comfort and breathability; and they are machine-washable and quick-drying.*

Clean Living

Clean Living’s environmentally-friendly biological cleaning products are free from harmful toxins and their refill service will mean you never need a single-use plastic cleaning product again

* €1.50 from all 3 layer masks sold will be donated to City to Sea.


City to Sea x Cheeky Wipes

Whether you’re looking for cloth sanitary pads or wanting to try period pants for your plastic-free period, you know you’ll be helping the environment by swapping to Cheeky Wipes’ products. For every purchase from the City to Sea range, Cheeky Wipes donates a minimum of £1 to fund our work.

Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pad for Night or Maternity – single pad

Suitable for heavy days of your period, overnight use or mild incontinence.

Luxury Cotton Cloth Sanitary Day Pad – single pad

Suitable for most days of your period, or general incontinence.

Luxury Cotton Cloth Sanitary Panty Liner – single pad

Suitable for lighter days of your period or mild incontinence.

Cloth Sanitary DAY Pad (Bamboo / Minky) – single pad

Suitable for most days of your period, or general incontinence.

Reusable Tampon applicator

Creators of the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, DAME are helping us to prevent plastic pollution from our periods by encouraging people to switch to a reusable alternative.

Menstrual Cups

With Lunette‘s genius menstrual cup and period-positive attitude now’s the time to make the switch (if you haven’t already!). Visit our plastic-free products page for more information on Lunette cups.

ORGANIC Disposables

Organic Mondays have the first organic cotton, 100% plastic-free period monthly subscription box*. Use discount code F33L for 33% off your first box! Doesn’t get much more tempting than that!

Period Cards

Hey Girls My Period cards have been designed to help you start positive conversations about periods. The cards cover everything from the biology of menstruation to stigma and taboo; from discharge to menstrual cups.

*For every purchase, Mondays donate 1% to our planet-protecting campaigns – read more about how we’re working together here.

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