WHO we are

We’re an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution – from the city to the sea. We’re made up of everyday people doing extraordinary things; using our skills (and sometimes discovering new ones) to create a more beautiful world.

Our vision is for the world’s waterways and coastlines to be strewn with sticks, sand and seaweed … not plastic!

We’re tackling the single-use plastic items found most commonly on our beaches and in our oceans. We focus on providing practical, solutions-focused initiatives and advocating reduce and reuse over single-use.

We’re working with communities, corporates and retailers to inspire and empower everyone to tackle plastic pollution – by connecting our actions to our oceans.

HOW were doing it?

  • Campaigning –We run people-powered, community-serving campaigns that prevent plastic pollution at source.
  • Raising awareness of the issues – Our playful digital content is designed to create awareness and inspire personal change.
  • Enabling action from grassroots to boardrooms – Whether it’s a classroom or a boardroom, our resources and campaigns are accessible by anyone.
  • Collaboration – We try not to reinvent the wheel and work with companies, NGOs and government to help change the world, together.
  • Magic – It’s our secret sauce and you’re welcome to have some. Just don’t ask us for the recipe, as it’s still a mystery.

Our history

City to Sea began in Natalie Fee’s head in 2014, as she wondered what would happen if she gathered a collaboration of practitioners, scientists, local organisations, marine biologists & campaigners in a pub to tackle plastic pollution.

Equally fed up and generally devastated by the amount of plastic litter flowing from Bristol into the Severn Estuary, Michelle and Livvy joined Natalie in looking at how we could phase out single-use plastics and hopefully create replicable models that can be shared with other coastal and river based cities.

Fast forward to 2018 and we’re now a team of 20, delivery award winning campaigns to prevent plastic pollution at source. Find out more about our campaigns here.

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