Campaigns rooted in our values

We’ve all seen the images of our oceans clogged with plastic and the increase in plastic pollution appearing on our beaches. At City to Sea we believe we are all part of the solution and our values are rooted in everything we do…

Our values


We don’t just appreciate nature, we love it.


We keep our messaging upbeat and simple.


We take risks and launch unique campaigns


We believe a tickle is better than a punch.


We improvise, imagine and inspire.

Here’s how you can get involved

We have some great volunteering opportunities available across each of our different departments, including Marketing, Digital, Campaigns and Commercial.

We believe that by providing volunteering opportunities, we’ll get to work with some amazing people and in return, we hope to help our volunteers learn new skills and have a meaningful impact through campaigning against single-use plastic.


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What you can do right now…

Being a small organisation, we might not always be able to find you a position straight away but will always do our best to get back to you. But in the meantime, here’s what you can do to support us.

  • ? Take part in ‘National Refill Day’ – tell the world you’ve got the bottle to stop plastic pollution at source!
  • ? Make a splash! Tell your friends, family neighbours, colleagues & customers to download the Refill app and to support #NationalRefillDay.
  • ? Carry a reusable water bottle & avoid single-use plastic. Check out our Refill x Chilly’s bottle.


Here's what our volunteers have said.

Kate Lambert

“I absolutely loved my time with you, and it was so wonderful to work on something I care so much about. The whole team was really welcoming, and I would totally recommend the experience to others.”

Maisy Humphrey

Maisy came to us for a week in October 18 as a work experience student from Trowbridge. She mostly worked under our Marketing & Campaigns department and got stuck in helping with both researching and inputting creative ideas for our illustrated “Toilet Times”.

Madison O'Connell

Volunteering with City to Sea was a rewarding experience, I was treated as part of the team and was given a great insight as to what working in a fast paced non-profit organisation is like.

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