Are you ready to Return?

M&S is expanding an easy alternative to singleuse packaging to more stores nationwide

A new way to reduce waste on the high street

We’re delighted that our friends from M&S are expanding their range of homecare products in returnable packaging nationwide, and we’re proud to have helped make this happen! 

A few months ago, we launched a groundbreaking cross-industry partnership with M&S, Reposit and Ecover to successfully launch returnable packaging at scale, to provide a convenient alternative to single-use packaging.  

Backed by the UKRI Innovate UK‘s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Fund, we’re helping M&S understand what people want when it comes to using reusable packaging and underpin the right way to describe this new shopping habit to help everyone shift from single-use to reuse! 

Here’s everything you need to know about M&S‘s Refilled range and how it works… 

How does it work?

It’s easy, just follow these 3 simple steps.

1. SHOP – pick a product from the Refilled range in reusable aluminium bottles.

2. RETURN – bring back the empty bottle when finished in store.

3. SAVE – scan the QR code on the return panel, and follow the instructions to collect £2 off voucher by email!  It’s valid towards any Refilled homecare product.

What happens to the bottle after you return it?

Glad you asked! Behind the scenes, the empty bottle is collected, cleaned and sanitised in professional washing facilities, re-filled with products to be used again, for a fully circular future.

How is it different to other reusable initiatives?

It’s a new way to shop sustainably and to reuse packaging.

Our consumer research showed that people are ready for change, but found refill stations (i.e. where you can bring your own contain and refill it in store) a bit time consuming and messy. The fact that the bottle here is pre-packed with the product makes the purchase faster and smoother.

Where can you buy it?

M&S Refilled Homecare Range will launch in:
Camberley, Cheshunt, Falkirk Central, Hedge End, Hempstead Valley, Kingsley Village, Leamington, Liverpool One, Meadowhall, Mosely, Oatlands Harrogate, Purley Way, Silverlink Newcastle, Stockport, Tolworth, Wolstanton Stoke, York, Hackney and Silverburn Glasgow, London Colney.

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