ASA bans Andrex wet wipe “flushable” advert as “misleading”

Press release: Wet wipe manufactures need to “be a good a**holes” - Environmental organisation responds to ASA ruling that bans Andrex wet wipe “flushable” advert

Plastic pollution campaigning organisation, City to Sea, who collaborated with world famous, Lord of the Rings actor Andy Serkis, to make the viral “talking a**hole” to raise awareness of the issue calls out “misleading” advert

City to Sea call on Kimberley-Clarke to be a good a**hole and get on board with the Water Industry’s ‘Fine to Flush’ standard

Despite their naming, fatbergs are in fact made up of 93% of wet wipes and just 0.5% fat and are responsible for blocking the nation’s sewage sytems.

90% of wet wipes on the market contain plastic and are therefore non-biodegradable.

The environmental organisation behind the viral “talking a**hole” advert which reminds people not to flush wet wipes down the toilet, City to Sea, have today responded to the news that Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) have banned an Andrex advert because of claims that their product was “flushable” was “misleading”.

City to Sea’s Campaigns Manager, Steve Hynd said,

“For Kimberley Clarke we reserve this remark – be a good a**hole and get on board with the water industry’s ‘Fine to Flush’ standard so customers know for sure that they can flush your products and not contribute to a big, and pretty disgusting, problem of fat bergs and plastic pollution that a lot of wet wipes contribute to”.

He continued, “Many people don’t realise that most wet wipes contain plastic and should never be flushed down the loo, or that wet wipes are a major cause of fat bergs, sewers blockages and plastic pollution spilling over into our waterways. This has been, at least in part, because some manufactures have been real a**holes and refused to tell customers that their products contain loads of plastic while others have suggested products could be flushed when they really shouldn’t be. Until all major manufactures come on board with plastic-free, 100% biodegradable complete product ranges that meet water industry standards, we will continue to advocate the much simpler message for customers to don’t believe the wipe and only flush pee, paper and poo.”

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