Help us turn the tide on plastic pollution this Giving Tuesday 

For one week only, your donation will be DOUBLED!

Today on Giving Tuesday, we’re thrilled launch our first ever Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal, raising money to power the award-winning Refill campaign in 2024. It’s a match funded appeal which means that, for one week only, all donations will be DOUBLED! From 28th November to 5th December, every pound that’s donated will be doubled by our generous funders – which means double the impact for our planet-protecting campaigning work! 

It’s time to turn the tide… 

Our reliance on single-use plastic is out of control. Just 10 plastic products make up almost 80% of ocean pollution, with single-use bags, plastic bottles, food containers and food wrappers topping the list. We can’t recycle our way out of this plastic crisis… we need to turn off the tap and stop plastic pollution at source. Our Refill campaign is does just that by enabling millions of people live with less plastic.  

We’ve already stopped hundreds of millions of pieces of single-use plastic from ending up in our oceans thanks to our incredible 400+ Refill communities. With your help, we can stop even more plastic from polluting our oceans and killing the wildlife. 

Powering the Refill Revolution! 

Our amazing Refill communities are the beating heart of the Refill campaign, driving change on the ground and tackling plastic pollution in their local area. Check them out here. Now, with your support – and thanks to this match funded appeal – we can expand the Refill campaign further to reach more communities across the UK, empower even more people to live with less plastic, and turn off the tap on single-use plastic.  

Since 2015, the Refill campaign has been creating a wave of change and 65% of people are more likely to carry a reusable bottle as a result of knowing about the Refill campaign – this means 15 million people in the UK are more likely to carry a reusable water bottle as a direct result of the Refill campaign. The number of people who normally drink tap water on-the-go has also increased from 1 in every 5 people to 1 IN EVERY 2 PEOPLE in the last five years since the Refill campaign started. 

75% of app users say the Refill app has significantly helped them to reduce the amount of plastic they use and users are far less likely to use a single-use plastic cup, bottle or container after downloading the app. While 89% of Refill Schemes say “involvement with Refill has helped deliver a positive environmental impact in my community”.​ 

One donation, twice the impact 

We’re aiming to raise £7,500, which will be match funded to give us £15,000 to power our Refill communities. So if you donate £10 today, your donation will mean we’ll receive £20 towards our planet-protecting campaigning work. With your support, we can help turn off the tap on single-use plastic and protect our oceans from plastic pollution.  

Will you help us reach our target?  

With oceans of gratitude 

Whether you are able to support financially or not, we’d love it if you could show our Big Give appeal some love by sharing it with your friends, family and community. From tiny ripples great waves flow.  

Thank you – from the bottom of our hearts and our oceans.

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