Period products

Period care that’s good for our bodies and for the earth

In the last 20 years, we’ve seen a huge amount of innovation in the period space – from new designs and materials to brand new product categories. Starting your period or switching period products might feel like a challenge, so we’ve compiled all the information that you need to compare products and work out what might suit you best.

Menstrual cups

Soft, flexible cups that capture period blood rather than absorb it. They will last you up to 10 years! Menstrual cups provide the biggest cost savings of all the plastic-free options available. Always opt for cups that are made from medical-grade silicone, TPE or latex.

Period pants

Super comfy absorbent underwear that will last you up to 2 years and can be washed in the washing machine or by hand. They come in every style of pants you can imagine, as well as varying absorbency!

Organic tampons, pads, and liners

These are just like the tampons, pads and liners you can find from big brands, but they don’t contain nasty chemicals or plastic. We recommend opting for cardboard over bioplastic if you use applicator tampons.

Reusable period pads

Soft, comfortable, material pads which clip around your undies and you wash after use (machine or by hand). Available in loads of different absorbencies, colourful designs and sizes.

Reusable Tampon applicator

You can use a reusable applicator for any disposable tampons. This new product fits neatly in your bag, ready for the big moment. Simply wash and re-use, for up to 10 years.

Tell me more!

We totally understand that making the move from big-brand period products to plastic-free ones can feel daunting, and you probably have a few questions! That’s why we’ve created some Product Guides, an Ingredients Guide and an FAQ’s page – to answer all the most commonly asked questions!

Online retailer guide

We know that during lockdown many people switched to doing their food shop online, so we created a guide to show you which major retailers are stocking Plastic Free Period products in their online stores. 

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