Feedback by trainees after attending Rethink Periods

You get all of the information you need with Rethink Periods – no waffle, no time wasting.

This is an amazing training and has really improved my personal period education, let alone the education I will now be able to give my pupils.

As a 50 year old woman, I thought I new almost all and I really didn’t!!

Children who were a little quiet at the start of the sessions were confidently and voluntarily talking about period products in front of the whole class by the end of the lesson! 

I learnt a lot for myself and will consider the products that I personally use now! The box of demonstration products will be invaluable in delivering this in the classroom.

It’s amazing, not just for the young people, but you will also learn something for yourself.

The resources and training not only developed the children’s knowledge and confidence, but also my own! Some parents also said that they were inspired by their children’s feedback and one has invested in period pants for herself rather than using tampons and pads.

I absolutely loved the training. I thought it was so inclusive, positive and up to date.

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