‘Flushable’ wet wipes

Don’t believe the wipe

The problem with wet wipes

Most people think wet wipes are safe to flush down the loo. You may have read the packaging and believed the sneaky manufacturer’s claim that they’re flushable. Don’t be fooled – they’re not! They’re mainly made of plastic, so they don’t break down like loo paper.

Research carried out on behalf of water companies showed that most wipes failed to break down in conditions simulating the UK’s drainage system. Instead, they clog together in ‘fatbergs’ that cost the UK £100m each year to clear up. That’s just gross on so many levels.

The true impact of flushing wet wipes


A Marine Conservation Society survey recorded an increase of wet wipe pollution of 700% over the last decade.

The number of wet wipes found per 100m of UK coastline by the Marine Conservation Society. Yuck.

This is how many sewer blockages are caused by wet wipes every year in the UK.


  • If you still want to use disposable wet wipes, opt for ones with the Fine to Flush This is a trusted certification that has been created by the water industry, your flushing experts. Right now, the only certified wipes are Natracare’s moist toilet tissue, and Andrex’s Washlets.
  • Give reusable wipes a go! Check out these ones by Cheeky Wipes.
  • Only flush the 3P’s – poo, (toilet) paper and pee. And for the love of our oceans, put a bin in your bathroom for everything else!

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