Climate and Ecological Emergency Statement

City to Sea acknowledges that we are facing a climate, ecological and planetary emergency that is impacting our most precious natural resources, exacerbating social inequalities, and damaging human health. Coronavirus has highlighted that drastic action is possible by Governments and organisations worldwide.

As a small but mighty campaigning organisation, we are committed to using our voice and our influence with partners, suppliers, volunteers and supporters to inspire the action needed to tackle the urgent crises we face. As an organisation, we commit to:


  • Telling the truth on the climate and ecological emergency, and inspiring urgent action and debate.
  • Highlighting the interconnectedness of plastics, climate change and biodiversity loss.
  • Diversifying our audiences and expanding our reach to ensure the message is heard loud and clear, in new places and spaces.
  • Calling out the big polluters and collaborating with other organisations, in a way that aligns with our values – Positive, Balanced, Earth-Kind, Creative and Brave, to drive change.
  • Working towards Net Zero on the most complex scope 3 emissions (online and homeworking) whilst we have no scope 1-2 emissions.
  • Applying and working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals through our campaigns and internal processes, to ensure we are making a positive difference.
  • Sharing best practice and learnings with our expanding network.
  • Supporting our team to reduce their carbon impacts at home and in their leisure time.
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