Disposable nappies

The dirty truth

What’s the problem with disposable nappies?

Imagine if every time you went to the loo you threw the toilet in the bin. What an absurd waste, right?

Unfortunately, in the years before they’re completely potty-trained, a child will need around 4,000 nappy changes. 8 MILLION disposable nappies are thrown into landfill every single day, in the UK alone!. Not to mention the overall cost of buying disposable nappies, which could come to £1,875 or more over 2 ½ years (the average time it takes before a child is potty trained)*. 

One nappy could take more than 500 years to break down, and even then it breaks down into microplastics that poison our soils, our waterways and our food chain. With 12 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year, we really need to cut down our plastic use wherever there are alternatives. 



You can choose from a wide variety of reusable nappy options without plastic, chemicals and synthetic fragrances. And by swapping just one disposable nappy for a reusable every day for 2 ½ years, you could save a staggering 912 nappies from landfill. 

You won’t just be cutting down on the amount of plastic waste going to landfill by switching to reusables – you can also save money. The amount you’ll save depends on the type of nappies you buy and how often you wash them, but over 2 ½ years you could save a remarkable £1,475* including laundry costs. Imagine how much money and waste you’ll save if you reuse the nappies for a second child, or pass them on to a friend. Even better, you could sell the nappies when you no longer need them and get some of your money back. 

Some cities even have nappy libraries where you can try out different styles and schemes. (Be sure to contact them well before your due date, as there can be a waiting list.) 

Want to know more about reusable nappies?

For more info on reusable nappies check out: 

*Figures from Money Advice Service and based on: 

Average overall cost for own brand disposable nappies: £1875
Average overall cost for reusable nappies: £400
Average overall saving: £1475 

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