Oceans of optimism

It’s back!

Your monthly round-up of happy headlines is here to offer some hope and positivity amidst all the doom and gloom. So kick back, pop the kettle on, and enjoy this month’s new look Oceans of Optimism.

Seas of hope

Finally some good news from the depths of the ocean, one of the largest coral reefs has been discovered off the coast of Tahiti – and not only is it healthy, but it’s beautiful! Founds at between 30-65 metres deep, the stunning rose-shaped corals stretch ‘as far as the eye can see’ and appear untouched by global warming. The discovery suggests there are more of these large deepwater reefs to be found in the ocean’s ‘twilight zone’.

And there’s more good news from waters around the world – Endangered Coho and Chinook Salmon have been spotted in California creeks where they have long been missing due to droughts.

Sans plastique

France have kicked off the new year by implementing their plastic packaging ban, meaning most fruit and veg can be put into your shopping trolley completely naked and free from plastic – ou la la!

Shamefully, the Downing Street government are way behind the rest of Europe – and the devolved nations – and hasn’t even implemented the directive to ban single-use plastic yet! With less than 4 weeks to go until the DEFRA consultation, we need to put the pressure on – add your voice today and help us ban single-use plastic here too!

Wild thing, you make my heart sing

The Scottish Highlands will be home to the world’s first rewilding centre, set to open within the next year. Home to more than 4000 plant and animal species, the land of the Dundreggan estate is being nursed back to health under the expert guidance of the charity Trees for Life and the centre will offer visitors the chance to ‘rewild themselves’ and connect to nature – aye to more of this we say!

Four days, full pay

The UK launches a six-month pilot programme of the four-day working week, with big companies signing up to trial a four-day working week with no reduction in pay for employees. Research shows that employees working four days are happier and less stressed and, with more social and environmental benefits, could this be the future? Here at City to Sea, we think it could well be and have been trialling a four-day working week since October 2021!

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