1% For the Planet

What is 1% FTP? 

City to Sea is proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet global network, which helps connect businesses and individuals with environmental charities such as City to Sea, to help fund important work that is being done to protect our planet. 

1% for the Planet support businesses in their environmental giving through partnership advising, impact storytelling, and third-party certification, making the process simple and effective. 

The organisation was setup in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia), alongside Craig Matthews (founder of Blue Ribbon Flies), and has so far supported businesses in raising hundreds of millions of dollars for environmental causes. The network includes thousands of businesses, individuals, and environmental partners working together toward a better future. 

Why Get Involved?

As a business, you can earn 1% for the planet certification by contributing 1% of your annual profit to environmental causes such as ours.  

You can donate to us at any time during the fiscal year. We will provide you with a receipt that you submit to 1% FTP via their member portal, and then have up to 4 months after the close of your fiscal year to complete your donations and submit your certification materials. The 1% FTP team will guide you through the process. 

You can opt to make 50% of your commitment ‘in kind’ in combination with 50% monetary donation, so there’s flexibility in how you donate. You also have the flexibility to donate to multiple environmental partners and split your 1% between us and other organisations you wish to support. 

How Do I Sign Up? 

If you decide to go ahead and sign up, the process is straightforward, and can be done at any point during your fiscal year. 

  1. Complete 1% FTP’s online non-binding joining form.
  2. The 1% FTP team will be in touch within a few working days via email with the next steps. 
  3. Sign membership agreement outlining your commitment as a member 
  4. Pay annual membership fee (which starts from $500 USD a year, is scaled according to total revenue per annum, and counts towards your total 1% ftp giving commitment). 

    Certifying your Commitment 

    Each year you’ll be supported by the 1% FTP team in certifying your 1% commitment. You’ll confirm your total revenue by submitting the following documents online in the 1% FTP member portal: 

    • Proof of revenue documentation (tax document, letter from accountant, or bookkeeping report) 
    • Documentation of donations made to us (copies of donation receipts and/ or signed acknowledgement letters from us). 

     Our 1% For the Planet Partners 


    The world’s first organic cotton tampon. Meet Susie, our founder and owner. She’s an eco-warrior, a pioneer, and developed the world’s first brand of organic & natural period products in 1989. 

    “In the 1980s I learnt about the dangers of dioxin pollution and the damaging impact of plastics. I was appalled to find my period products contained all these ingredients, and no natural disposable option existed. My immediate response was to research and develop an alternative that respected women’s bodies and our planet.” 

    Natracare was created as a campaign to shake up the period protection industry and finally provide women with a viable eco-friendly alternative. Today the work doesn’t stop. We’re always improving the performance of the products, and finding new innovations to look after our environment. 


    fill logo

    Canopey.com is the home for buying better. They’re on a mission to make shopping sustainably easier for all, providing verified, sustainable products together under one roof.Their wide range of products include beauty and skincare, clothing, food and drink, homeware, cleaning products and more. Canopey’s product accreditations make it easy to filter by what’s important to you – cruelty free, vegan, fair trade, B-Corp, made in the UK… and more!
    Canopey began supporting City to Sea through 1% For The Planet in 2024, launching a collaborative campaign ‘The Year Ahead’ which encouraged everyone to make simple swaps to more sustainable products and make a world of difference.


    Exhale are reinventing coffee by sourcing, roasting and lab testing their beans for health and performance. Their science-led process, involving 9 different independent lab tests, is designed to lock in more of coffee’s natural goodness while excluding contaminants. The result is an organic coffee with the equivalent antioxidants as 12 punnets of blueberries in one single cup. Exhale Coffee are B Corp certified, Soil Association organic and only use plastic free packaging.

    We’re very excited to be supporting City to Sea this year through our 1% for the planet commitment in 2024. Plastic pollution is all around us but we’re still optimistic that with simple great solutions like City to Sea are fighting for and working hard on, we can make a difference.”

    Exhale Coffee began supporting City to Sea’s political advocacy work through 1% For The Planet in 2024 with the launch of our Dine In petition which we hope will see the ban of single-use packaging in restaurants, cafes and bars.


    fill logo

    We are Fill Refill. Certified B Corporation®. The original zero waste closed loop household refill company. We make responsible laundry, cleaning, body & hair refills that work great, look cool & cut waste. We set out to create the type of straightforward eco products that we wanted to use at home, supplied in glass bottles, so they won’t get thrown away. Fill clean repeat. We make everything at our family-run factory in Northamptonshire with real chemists combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern & effective products. No dyes. No harsh chemicals and no single use plastic. 100% closed loop. Single use is over! 


    fill logo

    TCN creates surprising workplaces that engage vibrant communities. These previously unloved, heritage buildings are transformed into creative spaces for curious minds. With 10 sites across the UK, TCN offers a business hub to an eclectic mix of start-ups, young energetic and entrepreneurial companies. Our flexible workspaces ignite an exciting work lifestyle, supporting collaboration, networking and innovation. Because of this, TCN’s campuses enable business growth and positive change. Today, TCN’s sites are home to over 350 companies, 3,500+ members and 50+ dogs (diligent paw-ject managers). We are quickly becoming the UK’s favourite Creative Workplace provider and welcome new members to join.

    Travel Sentry

    Travel Sentry creates standards to solve issues for airlines, airports, security agencies and passengers. Making travel safer and simpler since 2003.

    Travel Sentry brands are licensed to over 600 luggage and travel accessories brands and are used by 2 billion travellers a year.


    fill logo

    Since 2004, Marmot Tours has been helping cyclists achieve their goals with fully supported road cycling holidays in the mountains of France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Slovenia.  Over the years we’ve evolved, tweaked and carefully developed our tours into a product that we’re immensely proud of. It’s your ride, our passion!

    Harnessing 20 years of quality, our mission is to turn cyclists’ dreams into lifelong memories, whilst having a positive impact on the people and places we visit.

    Our commitment is to run 100% carbon neutral cycling holidays, whilst supporting local hotels and restaurants at our holiday destinations. To further harness our passion for the planet, we also provide donations to UK-based environmental projects – from planting trees in the Avon valley, to funding ocean waste management projects and behaviour change.

    Carbon neutral holidays and incredible cycling experiences, in partnership with 1% For The Planet. That’s how we roll…


    fill logo

    Helping the next generation of financial services organisations create and manage better API connecitons through industry-leading API software and services.

    We enable, educate, and support API connectivity through innovation & technology. A deep understanding of the market empowers us to create tools that make real positive change.

    We are committed to supporting and promoting a sustainable future and to improving environmental well being in the financial services industry. In addition to our 1% pledge, we actively reduce our carbon footprint by:

    • Using server infrastructure running on 100% renewable energy
    • Minimising business travel and traveling by train where possible

    Pike’s Pouches

    fill logo

    Pike’s Pouches was launched in the spring of 2019 with the purpose of offering high-quality natural products in a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. Their unique pouch packaging contains 80% less plastic and uses up to 9x less carbon emissions. All of their products are certified by cruelty-free international and the vegan society. Together with their customers, they have helped save over 5,700kg of plastic pollution!

    ‘We have chosen City to Sea as a charitable partner as we believe we are completely aligned on our mission of reducing plastic pollution and the importance of refilling and reusing. We love how City to Sea are concise and effective at getting this message out in the world and utilise their campaigns to encourage others to take action.

    Tinmouse Animation

    fill logo

    Tinmouse are an animation and design studio that turn ideas into stand out animation. A truly independent studio, creating online adverts, explainers, internal communications and IP development.
    Tinmouse are constantly striving to create awareness of how to be kinder to our world, ourselves and each other with a focus on sustainability, the climate and recycling.

    Pia Design

    fill logo

    Everything that Pia Design does has the future of our planet at its heart, and Pia and her team actively champion more sustainable ways to remodel. They reuse, repurpose and refurbish before replacing, working with the belief that longevity is the best form of sustainability and by taking inspiration from nature, they are able to create spaces that improve with age – interiors with a green soul.

    Pia Design has been supporting City to Sea since 2020 – we were impressed with their campaign on eliminating the use of plastic straws and their commitment to our shared values on environmentalism. It’s great to support a small organisation who puts our donation towards direct action and we look forward to following their journey and their future campaigns.

    Crossing Frontiers

    fill logo

    Crossing Frontiers works with entrepreneurs and creators who wish to make a difference. Facilitating and teaching the technology of imagination & structures of consciousness, our vision is to create a more beautiful world by marrying innovation with practical achievable action. Our aim to ensure individuals achieve personal mastery and experience lives of deep meaning and satisfaction.

    Our work is built on 40+ years delivering new technology in business and based on the principles of Structural Dynamics, Alchemy & Hermetic Philosophy & Alchemy.


    Intentionally designed self-care for those who see — and seek — the opportunity to create change. For those who appreciate the abundance of beauty and generosity inherent in nature.

    Commune is a self-care brand forged through a sense of community and togetherness, with a commitment to natural ingredients and ancient herb-lore.

    We believe in being kind to our bodies, and opting for ingredients that provide wellness without cost to our environment. Wellness for you, your family — and our shared world together.

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