Santa & Mrs Claus on switching to a Plastic-Free Christmas ??

We’re over the sleigh to share this exclusive interview with Mr & Mrs Claus.

After being inspired by all the actions across the globe and receiving letters from thousands of children to prevent plastic pollution, they’ve decided to look at their own single-use plastic habits at home as well as on the sleigh. Here, in this exclusive interview, they share with us how they’re making their celebrations plastic-free.

DISCLAIMER: Certain details and locations have been generalised or modified to protect confidential information about the location in which the Claus family reside.

Starting with you Mrs. Claus, over the centuries that Christmas has been ‘a thing’ how has it developed and adapted?

[MRS CLAUS] Sorry dear, you need to speak up I’m a bit deaf in my left ear.

[Question repeated]

Well, we’ve seen a whole range of things you see. When we started the business it was slow. But since the 1500s business has really been booming. But I’m a futurist, so I tend to be in a place where I look ahead.

Although we’ve found plastic to be useful for many Christmas-related things, plastic toys, for example, are light and easy to pull, but often they fall off the sleigh when things get bumpy (and unfortunately we’ve heard from City to Sea that plastic is getting into the ocean). So, we’re starting to innovate and begin to look into plastic-free alternatives.

[SANTA] Yes, as Mrs Claus (Santa calls his wife by this nickname) was saying, we’re looking into new ways to create a plastic-free Christmas not just for our house but for the billions of people around the world. It’s been a challenge, but with so many new ideas and products, we’ve been able to make a few changes and also encourage the elves to do the same.

That’s great news, it sounds like there was some effort involved but it paid off. So what are your favourite alternatives to plastic this year?

[SANTA] We’ve been very impressed by the inventive ideas people have come up with and we’ve also enjoyed looking back at the past to see what we did before plastic. My mother would always say “The way forwards is backwards!”.

[MRS CLAUS] We’re delivering more wooden toys than ever this year. Yes they’re heavier and take longer for the elves to build, but children are happy with them (most prefer the box they come in anyway). For the older kids – they’re totally switched on – we’ve had literally thousands of letters since Blue Planet II with requests from kids for plastic-free toys. Here’s a prototype one of the elves shared with me.

Photo by oxana v on Unsplash

Enclosed, Mrs Claus and I have included some of our favourite Plastic Free Christmas options as well as some gift ideas, please feel free to include them in your blog.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Claus, that saves us a job! And we’re sure our readers would much prefer to hear your tips anyway.


Rudolf, as bright as his nose is, sometimes leads us to crash into the occasional tree, knocking off a pine cone or two. Using fallen pinecones, mistletoe, holly and whatever else you may find, you can create decorations that give that authentic “Claus family” feel without all the plastic.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Presents don’t always have to be wrapped! Last year Mrs Claus and I gave a free Sleigh ride to an unsuspecting pensioner who had ‘given up on Christmas’. Give the gift of an experience to cut down on the wrapping.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash


Lots of wrapping paper can either be laminated, dyed, or contain plastic which means it can’t be recycled and won’t breakdown. Go for what I call the ‘Classic Santa Style’ reusing old newspapers or magazines instead of buying new stuff. You can also decorate it with items from idea #1. Mrs Clause hates trying to find the end of the sellotape and can spend hours doing it … string is much quicker for her.


Go to your local market to find food and produce that isn’t covered in plastic packaging. Or get a local organic veg box delivered to you door (ask for plastic-free options). Some even use an electric van, which has inspired our next Sleigh modification (Rudolph is running out of steam and we’re no longer sure if making them work so hard is ethical).

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash


The Elves love their crafts so much, they’ve encouraged myself and Mrs Claus to give it a go, so this year we’re making handmade cards for each other to avoid buying ones with a plastic sleeve.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Find any of the products below at City to Sea’s Less Plastic Lifestyle collection in the Bear and Bear store. Mrs Claus and I are loving it, and with 15% of every purchase going towards funding City to Sea’s mission, maybe we’ll take next year off and just direct people to the collection. We could do with a year off anyway, as could the planet.

Wow, they’re some really good tips Mr and Mrs Claus. So what final thoughts can you leave us with?

[SANTA] We wish all of your supporters a very Merry Christmas from the whole Claus family and encourage them (and you!) to go as plastic-free as you can this year, whether it’s the stocking fillers you find, the food you eat or the gifts you exchange.

[MRS CLAUS] All the changes, may seem small but add up. And to enjoy it, Christmas is an overwhelming time for some we’re told, don’t let plastics add to that. (And if the rellies aren’t happy about the lack of plastic-wrapped sweets, just pretend you forgot to buy them!)

We’ve very much enjoyed this exchange and we look forward to working with City to Sea more in the new year.

Merry Christmas with lots of love from Mr and Mrs Claus xx


We want to thank Mr & Mrs Claus for taking time out at this busy time for them for choosing City to Sea for this World Exclusive interview.

p.s. Santa also asked us to pass on the message that he has developed a sherry intolerance, so if you’re able to swap out the sherry for a glass of milk (delivered in glass bottles) that would be great (‘cos I’m no longer drinking and driving. I get on it at New Year now days’ – He told us).

Please pass on the important message by sharing this blog with your friends.


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