Do period pants smell?

Period blood shouldn’t have a strong odour. With disposable products, the plastic in the products creates an anaerobic (no air) environment, which can often lead to an increase in bacteria and an unpleasant odour. Most period pants are cotton or bamboo, and so they’re very breathable!

To keep your pads smelling great for years and years, it’s important to make sure to wash and care for them properly. If the pads are heavily saturated, consider soaking them for an hour or quickly rinsing them out before washing properly.

To ‘strip’ the pants as you would with diapers you can wash them over and over again in fresh batches of hot water until the water runs clear and there’s no suds or residue coming out in the rinse water. This means you’ve removed all build-up of old detergent/soap residue (which will catch and hold onto odours). Then, hang to dry in direct sunlight.


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