I suffer from secondary dysmenorrhea, will reusables work for me?

Everyone’s period is different but for many people – yes!

Reusable pads are often preferred over disposable pads by people with painful periods because of the high level of comfort in their materials.

Period pants and reusable pads come with differing levels of absorbency, so you can find something appropriate if you have very heavy periods.

Janet on switching to Lunapads Performa Pads:

“Using soft, black cloth pads makes endometriosis less dramatic. I’m a very visual person, so blood stains and clots on a black surface is less dramatic. You can’t really see it that much. Having something less irritating (goodbye disposable pad rashes!) comfy and soft close to my body is much more comforting when I am already in pain and discomfort. It’s nice to have products that calms the drama rather than adds to the already intense uncomfortable time I have with endo. I was worried that I would bleed through it all but I don’t. It works perfectly. I changed pads as often as I would with regular pads.”

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