What do I do if I’m going camping or to a festival?

Reusables can actually be more practical when you’re living outdoors, because you don’t have to worry about finding a bin for your disposables. However, they can pose new challenges in the type of washing facilities that are available!

If you’re using a cup make sure your hands are clean and bring a reusable water bottle into the toilet with you so you can rinse your cup off even if there’s no sink. You can also buy cup wipes or use a sterilising tablet (like what you’d use for a baby bottle) in a foldable cup.

Reusable pads and period pants can be folded and stored in a bag until you to a washing machine, or you can wash them by hand!

We do acknowledge that there are certain times and occasions where people may need to use throwaway products and we totally recognise and support this. On those occasions, opt for organic products instead of those that contain plastic, bleach and other un-divulged chemicals.

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