Break up with single-use this Plastic Free July

10 easy things you can do this month to reduce your plastic use 

It’s Plastic Free July, and what better time to begin cutting out unnecessary plastic from your life than today? To help get you started, we’ve pulled together 10 simple swaps and easy wins you can do today to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your life. You’ve got this! 

Carry a reusable water bottle 

Investing in a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water will help you save plastic and money in the long run, plus you’ll stay hydrated whilst onthego. Win, win! Get 10% off the stylish new Refill x Ocean Bottle with code CITY2SEAXOB10. This bottle stops 1000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean and gives £5 to City to Sea. 

Download the Refill app 

Our free Refill app connects you to over 300,000 places you can eat, drink and shop without plastic. Download it to find places to refill your water bottle, coffee cup, lunchbox or even do zero waste shopping near you. 

Use a reusable coffee cup 

Did you know over 500 billion takeaway coffee cups are thrown away globally every year – most can’t be recycled easily due to the plastic film. You can avoid being part of the problem by using a reusable cup instead – bring your own. Or use the Refill app to see if there are cafes offering a returnable cup scheme near you. 

Have a plastic free period  

Menstrual products are one of the most common items washed up on Europe’s beaches and did you know that most actually contain hidden plastic? Make choices that are healthy for your body and the planet by opting for plastic-free products like Natracare’s range of tampons, made from natural materials and 100% certified organic cotton. 

Refill your cleaning products 

Keep your homes and clothes clean whilst avoiding single-use plastic by refilling your old bottle or container. From laundry liquid and fabric softener to washing-up liquid and toilet cleaner, Ecover’s refill range is now available in 700 Refill Stations across the UK find them all on the Refill app. 

Shop sustainably

Want to make better choices when it comes to buying beauty and skincare, clothing, food and drink and homeware? Look no further than Canopey, a one-stop-shop for sustainable products with product accreditations which make it easy to filter by what’s important to you – cruelty free, vegan, fair trade, B-Corp, made in the UK. What’s more, Canopey has committed to 1% of all revenue to go to City to Sea this year, as part of their 1% for the Planet partnership. 

Choose homecare in returnable packaging

Returnable packaging is an easy way to reduce the amount of plastic that comes in your weekly shop. You buy the product in a reusable bottle that you can return after use to a return point, which will then be collected, sanitised and reused again! Did you know, you can now shop 10 homecare cleaning products in returnable packaging in 23 M&S stores nationwide. And the best part? You get a £2 voucher* every time you return your empty bottle. (* valid towards any M&S ReFilled homecare range). Find your nearest store easily on the Refill app using our filter “returnable products”.

Choose loose 

Supermarkets may be full of plastic packaging, but there are other shops that aren’t! Use the Refill app to find places near you that offer food, drink, groceries and other household products in refillable or plastic-free packaging. Items that work out cheaper (or at least the same price) to buy in a refill shop include rice, pasta, sugar and flour. Think supermarkets should offer unwrapped loose fruit and veg? So do we! Sign our petition with Everyday Plastic here. 

Reusable takeaway Packaging filled with food

Packed lunch onthego 

Bringing a packed lunch or leftovers is a great way to reduce plastic and also save the pennies when eating onthego. If you are getting food to take away, bring a lunchbox or Tupperware with you and ask for it to be filled to save on packaging. Find places near you that offer this type of refill on the Refill app. Want to see plastic banned in dine in settings (cafes and restaurants)? Sign our petition here. 

Ditch the wet wipes 

Pads made from natural fibres can be washed and reused. They may cost more than disposable wipes initially, but you’ll save money in the long run as they can be used time and time again. Plus they have no plastic and won’t clog up our sewers and waterways causing fatbergs! Read more about unflushables and what you should and shouldn’t be flushing here. 

Done all of the above and want to take further action? Donate to our matched Crowdfunder appeal raising money to train up community activists and see your donation doubled at no extra cost!

Want more tips on living with less plastic? Visit our Plastic Free Living Hub for tips, tricks and sustainable swaps for reducing plastic in all areas of your life and home. 

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