Plastic-free Easter

An eco-friendly egg-stravaganza

Easter is an opportunity for many of us to enjoy time with family and friends, eat together and be merry. But amidst the cheer, it’s easy to forget the impact our celebrations can have on the environment – especially when it comes to chocolate eggs and all the excess packaging that comes with it.

So, to help you avoid getting buried under mountains of plastic packaging this Easter, here are our top tips to make it an eco-friendly egg-stravaganza and avoid the unnecessary plastic.

Munching with maximum fun and minimal waste

Plan like a pro: Avoid shop-bought Easter eggs and pre-packaged treats that come with lots of plastic packaging, and opt instead for loose chocolate or making homemade goodies instead. Use a local zero-waste store (find one on the Refill app) to buy chocolate and baking ingredients without plastic packaging.

Embrace the reuse revolution: If embracing the Spring sunshine and picnicking alfresco over the Easter weekend, be sure to ditch the disposable plates, cups and utensils and choose reusables instead.

Eggs-change your egg hunt

Think outside the eggbox: Instead of giving children the same old Easter eggs, consider giving books or sustainable toys. Or why not do something different and decorate real (hard boiled!) eggs, or get crafty and make cardboard or papier-mâché versions. If organising an egg hunt, consider hiding loose chocolate or sweets or baked goods.

Basket bonanza: Say no to flimsy single-use plastic baskets and consider getting crafty instead. You can make a beautiful basket or nest for eggs out of wicker, straw, old fabric scraps or even edible goods like meraung or shredded wheat cakes.

Go green with your decorations

Nature knows best: When it comes to decorating your home for Easter, forget the plastic tat and instead embrace the natural world by choosing branches, sprigs and fresh flowers to really put a spring in your celebrations.

Material matters: Whether you have a go at your own DIY delights or need some extra shop-brought supplies, always opt for more sustainable materials like paper, cardboard, wood or recycled materials.

Remember, a egg-cellent plastic-free celebration doesn’t have to be complicated! Hoppy Easter!

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