5 Top tips for a plastic-free Eid

With Eid al-Fitr just around the corner, lots of us are considering ways to celebrate that don’t cost the earth. Many mosques are leading the way in showing how to have a plastic-free iftar and you can read more on this at the end of the blog. Here are our 5 top tips for celebrating with less plastic. They’re based on the universal principles of REDUCE, REUSE and REFILL.

Eid Mubarak.

A cup half full

Single-use plastic cups are a major source of plastic pollution and can easily be replaced with reusable cups – simple swap out that can help cut the plastic waste. Be cautious too of single-use cups that claim to be “not made of plastic” – often these are bioplastics and can be a load of rubbish.

A plateful of positivity

Serving up a feast doesn’t have to cost the earth. By simply using reusable plates you can save a huge amount of plastic going to landfill. If you do need to use single-use plates, choose one without a liner or simply a take-away recycled cardboard box.

Cut the Cutlery

Single-use plastic cutlery is one of the most found items on our beaches and in our rivers and oceans. It doesn’t have to be like this!  Bring reusable metal cutlery from home wherever possible. And if you really need single-use cutlery, try to invest in bamboo or wooden as these materials break down more easily.

Dress to impress

If you’re buying new clothes, chose items that can be worn time and time again. Avoid plastic additions (like sequins and beads) also avoid synthetic fibres that can shed large amounts of microplastics in the wash. (it’s estimated a single load of laundry could release hundreds of thousands of fibres from our clothes into the water supply). The most ethical option though is to reuse clothes from previous celebrations or swap with friends. If you do want to buy some new attire for the occasion, then consider shopping second-hand. Charity shops are full of bargains and there are some great second-hand shopping apps out there too.

That’s a wrap

Gifts are a key part of Eid but did you know most wrapping paper is lined with plastic? Instead, why not choose brown paper and paper tape which can be re-used or recycled after use? Or wrap your gift in a reusable cloth or scarf with some natural twine so nothing needs to be thrown away!

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