Today is World Refill Day!

We can’t believe World Refill Day is finally here! 🥳 After months of preparation, the countdown is over…

World Refill Day is a global public awareness campaign to help get the issue of single-use plastic back on the agenda and help people live with less plastic! The theme for this year’s World Refill Day is ‘getting reusables back on the menu’ in the wake of the pandemic. Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen a huge increase in single-use plastic and many businesses have banned reusable cups and containers altogether.

Together, with our friends, partners and supporters around the world, we’re calling on big businesses and governments, telling them that we need to see action to tackle plastic pollution and reuse is the solution.

Today, we’ll be taking to social media to show the world how easy it is to live with less plastic and choose to reuse. Using the hashtag #WorldRefillDay, we’re encouraging people to get out, find refill options near them and share photos of them with their reusables – encouraging others to get involved too!

plastic pollution on a beach


Our new research (commissioned in partnership with Friends of the Earth) found that plastic pollution is not only impacting the planet but our mental health as well.  Almost three quarters (72%) of UK adults said that the Covid-19 pandemic made them realise how important spending time outdoors / in nature is to their sense of mental wellbeing, BUT 1 in 2 UK reported feeling angry about seeing plastic/litter when spending time outdoors / in nature.

The pandemic has certainly thrown a massive spanner in the works when it comes to the progress we’d been making to move away from single-use plastic. From cafes and takeaways refusing reusables, to the overnight introduction of disposable PPE, plus the government’s delay on introducing a ban on the most polluting single-use plastic items and a UK Deposit Return scheme, the worry is that the increase in single-use plastic over the last 16 months will have serious impacts unless immediate action is taken to reverse the trend. The time to take action is now – it’s never been more important to choose to reuse!

Packaging from take-away food and drinks, including items like coffee cups, plastic bottles and takeaway containers are consistently the most polluting items on beaches and in rivers around the world [1]. It’s now understood that just 10 plastic products make up 75% of all marine pollution, and scientists say the pollution must be stopped at source [2].

Globally we drink around 1.6 billion cups of takeaway coffee every day [3] and make our way through a million plastic bottles a minute [4]. Research suggests that half a trillion will be sold annually by the end of the decade [5]. In the UK, single-use plastic water bottles make up more than half of all plastic bottle sales – an eye-watering 7 billion a year. A shocking 700,000 plastic bottles are littered every single day, despite us having some of the best quality tap water in the world [6].


The good news is, the most polluting items are also some of the easiest to replace with reusable alternatives and evidence shows that consumers are more than willing to play their part in reducing plastic waste, but desperately need more support from businesses and the government to make it happen.

A whopping 92% of UK adults are concerned about plastic pollution, and almost three quarters (74%) agree they would like to see more refill / reuse options available. But more than a third of those trying to reduce their single use (36%) have had a reusable container refused in the last 12 months. This is despite experts stating that reusables are perfectly safe to use, and only 5% of customers feeling that single-use items are safer than reusables.

Of the people who use a refill shop or take their own reusable items, 48% feel like they are reducing waste, with 35% saying it makes them feel more positive and 32% saying it feels like they are making a difference.


Check out the World Refill Day hub to get involved in the global movement and help power the Refill Revolution!


We know habits have changed since lockdown and you won’t be the only one who’s left their reusable at home. Not today though! Before you leave the house – grab your reusable bottle, coffee cup and containers and get ready to refill and reuse.

If you’re ready for the change, but you’re not sure where to start check these 10 simple things you can reuse and refill as part of your day-to-day.


Download our FREE Refill app to find places to eat, drink and shop plastic-free near you. NEWS FLASH we now have almost 300,000 Refill Stations listed across the world! So, get out there and explore the options in your local area. You might be surprised what you find…


We’ll telling businesses, brands and governments, loud and clear, that we want to be able to choose to reuse and make single-use packaging a thing of the past.

Currently, just 1.9% of the packaging created by the biggest 100 brands in the world is reusable – this is clearly not good enough! Join us and use your voice to tell businesses YOU want to see more refillable and reusable options by tagging them on social media and letting them you know you want to #choosetoreuse!


We’re taking to social media to show the world how easy it is to live with less plastic and choose to reuse. Inspire change by sharing a selfie and tell us what you #ChooseToReuse today. Post it to social media and remember to include #WorldRefillDay and tag @Refill


Show some love to the amazing businesses that have been powering the #RefillRevolution by supporting them this #WorldRefillDay!

And let the businesses not yet accepting reusables, or offering refill or reuse options, know you want to be able to #ChooseToReuse by calling them out on social media.


 Join us this World Refill Day and take action against single-use plastic! Check out the World Refill Day hub to get involved in the global movement and help power the Refill Revolution!


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