New inventions?

There are new bio-plastics being created all the time. For instance, in Brazil they have developed a green-HDPE which mimics the plastic HDPE polymer (used for making milk bottles and hard plastic drink bottles) and can be recycled in the same way with plastics.

 There are also salad bags being made from thistle-starches which are GMO free and suitable for home-composting. If these go in the food caddy it is most likely that they will get pulled out at the depackaging stage of a composting facility unless they degrade quickly on contact with water.

In Indonesia there are bioplastics being designed from seaweed to tackle the issues of small sachet litter. The sachets can be used with their contents e.g. if they have a drink in them they can go in the hot water. Or if used for washing will degrade in the washing water. 

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