Using Photography to help Protect Our Oceans!

Last year plastic pollution exploded in the mainstream media after Blue Planet was aired, creating a snowball effect of action and activism from communities across the UK. An issue that was previously too easy to ignore, hidden beneath the waves, was suddenly bought into full view.

Video and photography have played a huge role in building movements since cameras were invented. They touch the heart as well as the mind, sharing a moment with hundreds, thousands, millions more than would have been able to experience it first hand.

Photo by Justin Hofman

Here in the UK the British Wildlife Photography Awards is using photography to help celebrate and raise awareness of British wildlife in all it’s diversity, in the knowledge that:

In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” – Baba Dioum, 1968

This year is the BWPA’s 10th anniversary and to mark it they are making 2019 the year of the Coast and Marine category! For 2019 this category has expanded to include all UK coastlines and has four separate categories: Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland and the Coast of Ireland.

The BWPA are particularly keen to keep plastic pollution at the forefront of the media’s attention so they’re encouraging entries (in any category) that show the impacts of plastic pollution here in the UK. Many people are starting to notice the effects of plastic on our home shorelines, but still associate harm to wildlife with animals like turtles and whales which we don’t exactly consider to be British! Plastic pollution is a very real and dangerous threat to native birds, seals, dolphins and other UK wildlife, so lets make it more widely known!

Photo by Neil Phillips in the BWPA

You have until April 6th to enter your photo/s here. Oh, and there’s also the chance to win £4,000 and have your image exhibited at 8 venues across the UK… Go, go, go!

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