Hello Schools!
Thanks for showing up for your pupils and for the planet.

If you’ve done our Rethink Periods training you’ll know that period products are the 5th most common item of litter found on European beaches. And how do they end up on our beaches? Through flushing them down the loo, alongside other ‘unflushables’ like wipes, cigarettes, cotton buds, plasters, etc.

Your school could have anywhere between 20 – 300 toilets on premises, which means just as many opportunities to prevent plastic pollution! We’re calling on all schools to display our poster in every toilet on site, to change flushing behaviour and protect rivers and the ocean.

PS. If students and staff don’t have an easy, stress-free option for disposing of products responsibly then those products will end up down the loo. If you want this poster to be effective, make sure that there’s a bin in every bathroom!

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