Be a good a**hole

Don’t Believe the wipe

We’ve got a big problem…we’re addicted to wet wipes. In the UK we now use over 10.8bn wet wipes per year – that’s an insane 38,000 wet wipes each  over our lifetime.

Most people think wet wipes break down like toilet paper when you flush them, but they don’t. Despite what the labels say, most wipes contain plastic and should not be flushed down our toilets. They get stuck, causing monster fat-bergs which clog up our drains causing spillages that pollute our waterways and oceans.

Wet wipes are now changing the shape of our rivers and beaches and are one of the most found items on UK beaches. Yuck.


Be a Good Asshole

We’ve teamed up with Lord of the Rings Star Andy Serkis, in what we think you’ll agree is one of his best performances yet, to raise awareness of the issue and to help the British public be good a**holes, by letting them know what they should be flushing down the loo.

It’s important to take care of your a**hole. And the a**holes of those you love. But afterwards, please don’t throw wet wipes in the toilet. Be a good a**hole. Put them in the bin.

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What can I flush?

It’s bog standard. Only flush the three P’s – Poo, (Toilet) Paper and Pee.

Wet wipe labelling can be confusing and it’s not always clear how you should dispose of them. Most wet wipes are made from plastic, so they don’t break down like toilet paper, they get stuck and clog up our drains and sewers.

It’s always best to avoid single-use plastic (like most wet wipes) wherever possible and just use good old-fashioned loo roll. Or reusable wipes. But if you really need to use a wet wipe, please put it in the bin. Or look for ones with the Fine to Flush logo, like Safe to Flush Moist Tissues from Natracare and Andrex Washlets.


Don’t believe the wipe

Don’t believe the wipe

‘Don’t Believe the Wipe’ is part of a year-long campaign being run by City to Sea to reduce the number of wipes and sanitary items being flushed.

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Disposable nappies

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Disposable nappies can take more than 500 years to break down, and even then it breaks down into microplastics. Find out how to change your nappy habits.

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