Planet-friendly periods with Natracare

Let’s #BeKind to our bodies and the planet

A bloody good period for everyone.

Here at City to Sea, we’re committed to ensuring everyone has a bloody good period. Since 2017, through our Plastic-Free Periods campaign, we’ve been raising awareness of the hidden plastics in period products, promoting plastic-free alternatives and empowering users to consider how they dispose of their products. That’s why we’re celebrating the return of the project #BeKind, run by our brilliant partners Natracare. 

Project #BeKind is back!

Natracare’s project #BeKind is back again for 2024, following its success last year in encouraging kindness to bodies, the planet and each other. It’s easy to get involved – simply take the #BeKind Pledge and commit to 30 days of practicing kindness to your body and our planet. Natracare offers a fantastic range of resources including a month-long Kindness Calendar and information on the health and environmental benefits of their products. Project #BeKind is a great opportunity to try out Natracare’s range of organic, plastic-free period products, such as their applicator tamponsand with 10p from every pack sold in the UK going directly to City to Sea, you’re making an even better choice for the planet! 

Considering composting? We’ve got you covered! 

Results from our recent annual consumer survey, which tracks the awareness and impact of our campaigns across the UK public, found that 11% of respondents compost their period products. Whilst binning is still the predominant practice (70%), it’s great to see people embracing composting as a disposal method as it prevents products being flushed and blocking our sewage systems, ending up in our rivers and oceans or going to landfill plus it even helps improves your own carbon footprint – it’s a win win!  

As the world’s first seedling certified compostable period product brand, Natracare is on a mission to make composting period products a breeze. Not only have they published an easy-to-follow Composting Guide, they’re also expanding their composting sites across the UK to increase accessibility to hot composting bins where a range of waste can be composted including food waste, cardboard packaging, Natracare products and more!

Plastic-preventing, planet-protecting periods 

It’s never been easier to have a plastic-free period that’s kinder to both your body and the planet. Whether you’re a composting connoisseur or trying a reusable period product for the first time, our Plastic-Free Periods campaign is here to help support you with resources and information about how to choose a product that works for you and your body. Spread the word by using our Digital Toolkit and don’t forget to join in with Natracare’s Project #BeKind! 


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