Your guide to traveling with less plastic

If you’re ready to depart from plastic pollution, check out our #PlasticFreeTravel top tips, plastic-free holiday essentials online shop and our guide to ethical tourism.

As part of our Refill campaign, we’re working with partners from top hotel chains to major train stations and airports to make sure that #PlasticFreeTravel is not just possible but affordable too!

Top tips - Less plastic

This summer switch to #PlasticFreeTravel and inspire other by taking these simple steps. Whether it’s about finding the right water bottle to filter your tap water when abroad or finding alternatives to over-priced travel miniature shampoos – we’ve got you covered.

Shop for #PlasticFreeTravel essentials

We are all looking to make small changes that can make a big difference. Here you can buy the basics to do this and inspire your friends and family to the same.

Win Plastic-Free Travel Goodies

Enjoying #PlasticFreeTravel isn’t just about doing the right thing, it's about being able to inspire change in others. This summer we want you to share your best #PlasticFreeTravel tips with us on social media for your chance to win a bundle of plastic-free travel goodies!

    • Tell us how you're travelling plastic-free (from filling up your reusable bottle at the airport to switching to an entirely plastic-free toiletries bag, we want to hear what steps you're taking)
    • Share photos to show us if you can
    • Include the hashtag #PlasticFreeTravel
Plastic Free Travel Bundle
Plastic Free Travel at Hotels


From hotels to holiday parks, single-use plastic often litters the average guest experience. Whether it’s plastic bottled water in rooms, mini toiletries in guest bathrooms, plastic shower caps, plastic cups or single use sachets & milk cartons – accommodation providers can take lots of positive steps to reduce their own plastic footprint whilst helping their guests travel plastic free.

Click here to find out more about accommodation providers & how they can help

Plastic Free Transport Hubs

At airports and train stations

Do you want to depart from plastic pollution this summer?

City to Sea are working with transport hubs like airports and train stations as part of our #PlasticFreeTravel campaign - helping you stay hydrated and prevent plastic pollution when you’re travelling.

Find out more about how we are working with transport hubs.

Make UK retailers offer #PlasticFreeTravel essentials  

We need all major UK retailers to offer their customers the basic #PlasticFreeTravel essentials. From shampoo soap bars to plastic-free sun creams, it’s no longer acceptable for retailers to force outdated, often overpriced, plastic equivalents on us.

We’re all busy and the last thing we need is to have to try two or three different shops to buy our #PlasticFreeTravel essentials. It’s time for change – sign our petition today.

We love a holiday. And we tend to love holidaying in countries with warm weather and safe drinking water: The top 5 destinations for British tourists include Spain (15.8 million), France (8.8), Italy (4.1), Ireland (3.4), USA (3.4) and these countries have safe and tasty tap water. We know travel is a key factor to people buying bottled water - 42% of people buy bottled water at the airport. 36% when at service stations and 29% when travelling by train and bus.

But it’s not just about water bottles. While the wider tourism sector is essential for economics as well as our enjoyment, it is also having a big environmental impact. Thomas Cook alone estimates it can save 70 million pieces of single-use plastic in the next year alone. Indeed, one piece of research estimates 980 tonnes of mini-plastic shampoo bottles are being dumped by British holiday makers abroad each year. For context, that’s the equivalent to two-and-a-half Boeing 747s. Even suncream is an issue. As well as coming in plastic, most sunscreen CONTAINS plastic. Dow Chemical makes Sunspheres, particles of 0.0003 mm that are put in other brands’ sunscreen products. It can be between 10 and 100 trillion particles in one single product.

Friends, family and businesses are moving on how they interact with plastics like never before. Often, they just need the smallest of nudges to make dramatic changes. You can be that nudge.

Ethical Travel

The impact that plastics have on our oceans and natural world is a core driver to why City to Sea created our #PlasticFreeTravel campaign. But for those looking to travel with a smaller environmental impact there’s a lot more to consider. Click below to read some positive, proactive steps to travel more lightly on the planet.


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