5 ways to help the planet

this #EarthDay

This Earth Day we are rallying behind the call that “we can’t go back to business as usual”. As a small but mighty organisation that has worked with business to create a big social and environmental impact, this year’s #EarthDay message resonated with us. But our actions are always about how as individuals we can help bring about this change.

So here are 5 ways post pandemic you can power change this #EarthDay and make sure we don’t go back to business as usual but build back better.

Will you #ReturnToRefill?

Before the pandemic many of us were in the habit of carrying reusable water bottles and coffee cups. But habits have changed, and we are now just starting to venture out to meet up with friends in parks and beer gardens again. We’ve all seen the shocking images of single-use plastic littering our parks and beauty spots this last month. When you reunite with your friends and family make sure you keep them safe by keeping your distance and you keep our natural environment safe my choosing to reuse and refill again. It’s time we all #ReturnToRefill. Download the Refill App today to find out where you can eat, drink and shop nearby without plastic.

We will keep on going, you can bank on it

During the pandemic we’ve kept going. We’ve produced award winning campaigns on plastic pollution and PPE, on why reusables can and should still be used during the public health crisis and we managed to grow our existing campaigns like Refill into a global movement saving millions of pieces of plastic. But we need to be honest with you, it’s not been easy. Plastic pollution didn’t stop for the pandemic, but unfortunately, a lot of our funding did. As is the case for so many businesses and charities over the last year, our finances have taken a hit.

But our supporters have really stepped up. Last month we received the biggest EVER amount of donations from individual supporters. This will enable us to keep on going and to keep on fighting plastic pollution. If you can consider setting up a regular donation or just a one-off gift, then please do this Earth Day.

Plastic free kitchen eat less seafood fishing gear

Never mind the pollocks

As the smash hit Netflix film ‘Seaspiracy’ showed, one of the biggest actions YOU can take this Earth Day is to eat less fish or even go without entirely. The fishing industry is responsible for huge amounts of plastics entering our oceans causing havoc to sea life. It’s thought that at least 10% of marine litter comes from fishing waste. Put another way, between 500,000 and 1 million tons of fishing gear are entering the ocean every year.

Positivi-tea without the plastic

Did you know most tea bags have plastic in? If you can’t trust tea bags what can you? Well, that’s where out #PlasticFreeLiving guides come in. We know our supporters are looking for another way to live. That’s why we put together this guide for plastic-free living. Tips from plastic-free parenting to how to garden without single-use plastics, to how to brew the perfect cuppa. These tips go beyond PG Tips and answer all those difficult questions you have.

But if you’re looking for a one stop, plastic-free, shop, then look no further. The incredible ‘Good Club’ online shop allows ethical and plastic-free shopping to be delivered to your door and are offering 15% off to City to Sea supporters (use the coded GOODCLUB15 at checkout). So what are you waiting for?

plastic-free period pads

Another bloody good option

Did you know Around 2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million pads and 700,000 panty liners are flushed every single day here in the UK? Worse still, many of these products are stuffed full of plastics causing serious problems. But it doesn’t have to be like that. What if we could replace disposable, toxic period products with ones that are better for the ocean, for our wallets and for our bodies?

Well, that’s a bloody good question and that’s why we have padded out a whole section on our website about the plastic-free alternatives.

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